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There is no denying that customer feedback goes a long way in garnering the trust of online customers. Statistics reveal that almost 88% of consumers make their online purchases based on the customer reviews listed on the portal. Now, as we all know, reviews can be good and bad. Negative reviews do harm the reputation of the store, but at the same time, they are also good eye-openers, which let a business understand what customers don't like about them.

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For all those who often ponder on how to deal with negative feedback, here is an insight on the time-tested 3-step process, as suggested by a reputed website designing company in Delhi :


Step 1 - Conduct a research into the Incident

First things first, it is important to check the authenticity and relevancy of the review. If it is spam or invalid, one should immediately delete the post. However, if it is a valid comment, it is imperative to conduct a research on what went wrong. There could be several reasons behind a customer being irate, such as poor quality of product, wrong shipment, technical glitch, and others. Once that is determined, one should proceed to find out the solution for the same. It is also important to note the tone of the customer, so that one can respond in an appropriate manner.


Step 2 – Give a suitable response

One needs to remember that customers will create a perception of the company's reputation and credibility based on its response towards the incident. A perfect response would ideally start with acknowledging the fault and apologizing for it, followed by rendering an instant resolution, and eventually assuring that the problem has been resolved and will not recur. It is also important to mention that if the same problem recurs, the company would be all the more prompt to resolve it again at the earliest.


Step 3 - Encourage the customer to revise the feedback

Once the issue has been resolved, one may request the customer to revise the response. In this context, timing and tone of request play a major role. It is imperative to first gauge the sentiments of the customer. If he/she is happy with the fact that the problem has been addressed successfully, then one may politely put in a request to take down the negative review.


During the entire procedure, one needs to take extreme care of not aggravating the issue at hand. For expert advice on this aspect, one may take help of the Web Solution Centre , the experts in e-commerce, web, and branding solutions. This web designing company in Delhi holds extensive experience in designing and developing sites for e-commerce, startups, and established corporate houses. | | | | | | |

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